About Us

Caladium Systems is a Chennai headquartered Nex-Gen Enterprise focused on delivering e-services to the general public using technology as a back-bone to improve the quality of delivery and making it convenient to access. Caladium Systems focuses on Consumer Internet and Mobile Application segment and believes that key to widespread adoption of electronic services lies in enriching the Customer & User Experience by providing a "WOW" factor.

Caladium Systems is founded and promoted by Mr. Pradhyumna T Venkat, Serial Intrapreneur and Ex-CEO of a 18 year old Public Listed Indian company with a strong "start-up" understanding & experience in the IT, Telecom, Renewable Energy & High-end technology segments.

The company is ably supported in its purpose of enabling its motto of spreading joy thru technology, by a team of experienced professionals in sales, technology, process and administration. Caladium Systems Pvt. Ltd, hopes to achieve business success through optimal and seamless use of technology for its products and services, to provide enhanced and unforgettable user experiences for its clients and vendors.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: develop superior software solutions through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships to meet people's growing needs & make technology an asset for them.

Core goals

  • Reach customers with innovative and useful products.

  • Make life easier for customers.

  • Innovate and excel in the use of technology to make customers happy.

  • Build a marketplace for niche products.

  • Most importantly, build great value for both customer and vendor.

Our experience

Web Application Development – Over 100 man years
Sales & Marketing – About 70 man years
B2C – Approx. 50 man years
Mobile Apps – Over 25 man years